YIPs website – so hot right now

We have recently upgraded our website platform to keep yips.org.au and yips.org.nz looking fresh and sexy (like us).  Unfortunately this has meant that some older web browsers are now not properly displaying some of the images on our site.  For the IT types out there, this appears to stem from HTML5 incompatibility issues with internet explorer versions 8 and older.

The YIPs website should display properly in the current versions of most web browsers (especially Google Chrome).  As those of you who attended (or are going to attend this year) our Cyber Risks CIP seminar series will know/find out, it is generally recommended by IT security people that users run the current version of web browsers which have all the latest security patches and updates installed.

To check which version of internet explorer you are using, go into the Help Menu/"About Internet Explorer" or speak to your IT department.

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