YIPs 2014 End of Year Movember events set to roll out

This year, YIPs will be running a record number of end of year events across NSW, Vic, QLD, WA, NZ, the NT and, for the first time, SA as we launch our branch there.

Make sure you sign up now as a YIPs member or log in and update your contact details on the site (including your location details). If you will be travelling during November, check the dates for the YIPs events near you too and let your interstate colleagues know to do the same.

You will be then be in the loop for early bird Member-only registrations and discounted tickets for these events and hopefully will not miss out. Several of these events will almost certainly sell out.

We also suggest you join the YIPs Movember team which is the worthy cause YIPs will be supporting through our 2014 EOY events. Dets here.

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