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Several key insurance industry bodies have developed formal mentoring programs with the aim to foster and encourage the enthusiasm of young professionals as well as provide them with the opportunities to be challenged, questioned and to take responsibility for their decisions.

The goal of these programs is to provide young professionals within or starting out in the industry a greater understanding of career paths as well as issues facing the industry.

NIBANIBA Mentoring Program

The NIBA Mentoring program has been the longest standing formal program for mentoring within the Australian insurance industry. The NIBA program caters for younger professionals who are already in the industry (especially in the broking sector, with up to 10 years experience) and also to those entering the industry for the first time.

NIBA identifies 'mentees' as Young Professionals either in or entering the insurance industry. For the NIBA mentoring process to succeed mentees need to take responsibility for their own learning and development, be open to different perspectives, take on the challenges and tasks set as part of the program, and be able to accept appropriate feedback and coaching.

Here is a short clip entitled NIBA mentoring program: the benefits from NIBATV:

For further information on the NIBA mentoring scheme, or how to apply visit the NIBA College page by clicking on the NIBA logo on the right.NIBA


ANZIIF Mentoring Program

ANZIIF have recently developed a structured formal mentoring program.  Further information regarding this service is available here or contact ANZIIF directly for further details.

Click here to provide any feedback you may have from participating in the ANZIIF mentoring program or start a discussion in the YIPs LinkedIn Group.

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