Mentoring – Choosing a Mentor


Some qualities and traits we suggest you look for in a potential mentor include:

  • someone senior and experienced;
  • someone approachable;
  • someone actually willing and able to invest their time in mentoring you;
  • someone with diverse life and/or employment experience;
  • someone who works in a similar industry as you or at the very least, who understands your industry sector;
  • someone who is familiar with your current organisation, even if they do not necessarily work there;
  • someone who you do not report directly to;
  • someone who does not exert direct control over your career progression within the organisation.

This list is obviously not exhaustive. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with and have the necessary level of confidence and trust in your mentor regardless of whether your mentoring relationship is an informal one or within the parameters of a formal industry mentoring scheme.

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