Mentoring is an effective way of helping people to develop and progress in their careers by gaining useful guidance and feedback from an experienced mentor. Fundamentally, the concept of mentoring involves a relatively inexperienced or junior person (mentee) who receives wisdom or guidance from someone more experienced and senior than themselves (mentor). Think of Luke Skywalker and Yoda from the early Star Wars movies.

Done properly, mentoring can be an invaluable career development tool and rewarding for both mentor and mentee.

A mentor can try and help you gain perspective on career issues you may be facing and help you try and work out the solution for yourself. They can also provide guidance and constructive suggestions as to how you may be able to best develop and advance your career.

The insurance industry has long recognised the importance of mentoring in the development of young professionals within the industry. Many insurance organisations provide internal mentoring schemes for their staff.

This section aims to provide you with some useful resources to help you get the most out of mentoring.  We have put it together from our own collective experience within the YIPs committees including actual experience of some of the various insurance industry mentoring schemes available and other types of mentoring relationships:

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