Insurance Industry – more than meets the eye

The diagram below shows some of the sectors and roles which operate within the insurance industry and how they relate to each other and the end consumer.  We have tried to keep it as simple as possible.  And not too eye-watering.

Click on each sector of the industry below, to find out more about it.  Remember that the various sectors which are covered in the diagram are not just confined to Australia and New Zealand.  This is a truly international industry we are talking about - and YIPs have plenty of opportunity to work and travel as part of it.

From our own experiences, once people enter the insurance industry (often by chance), and find out more about the vast range of diverse roles within it, they often end up not just changing employers (eventually - as you do in any industry), but completely reinventing themselves to change actual roles. Or even countries.

So make sure you then visit our Insurance Roles section for more specific explanations of what each role involves and the qualifications and requirements you will need, to work in it.

Imagemap alt Customer Broker Loss Adjuster Risk Engineer Underwriting Agency Forensic Accountant Insurance Lawyer Government Regulator Underwriter/Insurer Investigator Reinsurance Broker Reinsurer Claims Zone Sales Zone

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