Office lust

Work place relationships of a consenting sexual or romantic nature are always problematic. This is more so in smaller working environment such as a smaller organisation or tight-knit team. This should be pretty self-evident however we are only human and these things sometimes happen.

Always be acutely aware of your professional image, reputation and future career when becoming involved with someone at work.

As a YIP in your first years of work, such relationships may have huge consequences on your future career and professional reputation, particularly if you plan on remaining at your organisation for any significant length of time.  The insurance industry is also smaller than you think and people move around it a lot.

Even a drunken fling at an office Christmas party can come back to haunt you later on, and our advice is to try and avoid "fishing from your company's pier" if at all possible.

As well as undermining a harmonious and balanced workplace, when office relationships go sour in the worst cases they may lead to claims of sexual harassment or other grievances which will not endear you to your bosses.

Enough said.