Social Media

The insurance industry is incredibly social and often work mates, clients and brokers like to stay in contact with you via the array of social media avaliable.

Facebook makes your life an open, well, book. Remember this if you have your bosses, workmates or clients as your "friends". Before you accept the friend request of a colleague, employer or client, think about whether photos of your dog or updates about your big night out with mates are really things you want them to see.

Sometimes the urge to post a whinge about a difficult client or "checking in" from the beach when you're supposed to be sick at home, may be career limited moves. This is also something to think about when tweeting on Twitter, checking in places on Foursquare, or posting on LinkedIn - all of these sites that can be reviewed by current or prospective employers.

Consider using a Limited Profile and/or adjusting your privacy settings to manage these risks.