Insurance Industry – Insurance Lawyer

Insurance lawyers generally act for insurers/underwriters to provide legal advice concerning the following matters:

  • whether an insurance policy responds to a particular claim;
  • conducting the legal defence of the insured customer in litigation when the claim against the insured customer is covered by the policy;
  • in other cases, acting for an insurer which has paid out its customer in relation to a claim and is suing the party/ies which caused the claim, to recover the insurer's costs and losses.  This is known as the insurer's 'right of subrogation';
  • acting for insurers in legal disputes with an insured customer over policy coverage;
  • reviewing and drafting insurance policies;
  • the insurer's compliance (or otherwise) with the legislation and regulatory framework governing the operation of insurance companies;

In some cases, insurance lawyers act for insured customers against insurers where there is a dispute over policy coverage of a claim (and there is no conflict of interest in the insurance lawyer acting in this way).

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