Career planning & development

Already in the industry and thinking about either where you can go with it or that next crucial move?

If you are interested in moving into a different insurance role or sector, our interactive overview of the insurance industry will help you understand where you fit into the 'big picture'.  Have a look at our insurance roles section to also get a feel for what specific roles involve and any qualifications required.

From our own experiences, once people enter the insurance industry, they often end up not just changing employers eventually (as people do in any industry), but even completely reinventing themselves to change actual roles. Or even countries.

Use the links below to find out more about:

History of Insurance - insurance has been around longer than you think. Way longer.

Mentoring - what you need to know about mentoring

Working Overseas - is the grass really greener overseas?

London & Lloyd's - find out more about Lloyd's and the London market

Salary Survey - know your worth (updated: January 2014 - YIPs members only)

Women & Insurance - resources for women working in or considering a career in insurance

Ask YIPs - insurance career tips

Jobs Board @ LinkedIn

Check the jobs board in our LinkedIn Group for roles you might be interested in.  You will need to be a member of the Group first and also have a LinkedIn profile set up.

See also the Careers in Insurance website (external link) which has information about job hunting in insurance.

Under development and coming soon:

  • Cadetships & graduate paths
  • School Leavers
  • What the bosses are looking for
  • Working in the USA
  • Glossary & terminology
  • YIPs TV

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