2 New YIPs Branches!

2 New YIPs Branches!

Following a successful 2016, YIPs has big plans to offer further education and networking opportunities for its members throughout Australia and New Zealand with the opening of two new branches. The ACT and Tasmania now have local committee representation, which results in YIPs having a presence in every Australian state and territory. YIPs is proud to introduce Lara Douglas as the ACT Branch President and Declan McShane as the Tasmanian Branch President. Both Lara and Declan, as well as the new local committees, are enthusiastic about providing professionals the networking and education benefits other YIPs members have enjoyed around Australia and New Zealand. Lara and Declan share some insight into the founding of the two newest branches, as well as the exciting prospects to come in 2017.

Lara Douglas, Australian Capital Territory Branch President

I’ve been a member of YIPs in NSW for a number of years when working as a claims officer. Upon moving to Canberra, I found there was a gap in the insurance industry that a YIPs ACT branch could fill. I approached the YIPs Australasian Committee in November 2016 for approval and support to found an ACT branch and the Australasian committee gave its approval. We’ve since approached Lisa Sherman, (HWL Ebsworth) and Alison Robertson (Allianz) to form a committee. New members joined the committee in early 2017, including Tennille Jorgensen (Aon); Emily-Rose Clark (Allianz); and, Karina Grimshaw (CGU). The committee organised for me to speak at the annual Insurance Dinner held at Hotel Realm earlier in February.  Following the Insurance Dinner, YIPs ACT gained many members and the committee welcomed Andrew Shepherd of Rehabilitation Services by Altius. The YIPs ACT Committee is now preparing for its launch event in July 2017 – stay tuned!

Declan McShane, Tasmania Branch President

I attended a YIPs function in Melbourne where I spoke to Andrew about opening up a branch in Tasmania. He then followed me up and started to put the wheels in motion to get it up and running. I then approached others to organise the committee. My main hope is that it generates a large interest and promotes the insurance industry as a great career choice for other young people who might not know the career options available. For the coming year I would like to hold an event each quarter and to gain more traction with each event to boost numbers. I really want to set the foundations for the branch so it can be a success in the state for years to come.