6 New Recruits in the Australasian Management Committee

6 New Recruits in the Australasian Management Committee

As YIPs continues to see astonishing growth across all ten branches, a search was launched to further expand the YIPs Australasian Management Committee. The committee is composed of talented and ambitious individuals from around Australia and New Zealand that work tirelessly to ensure that YIPs is providing distinguished opportunities for young professionals in the industry.

A competitive recruitment campaign has resulted in 6 new professionals being welcomed into the YIPs Australasian Management Committee. The new recruits hold various roles within the insurance industry, and each bring their own unique ideas and skills to the table with the goal of continually enhancing the experience for over 6,500 YIPs members.

The Australasian President of YIPs Andrew Shepherd has shared his excitement about the newest additions to the management committee and what’s in store for 2017:

“I am delighted to have such an infusion of fresh talent and thinking into the strategic running of YIPs. An enlarged presence of loss adjusters and brokers as well as increased representation from both NSW and QLD at this level of the organisation are vital to support the organic growth YIPs has enjoyed in recent times. I am thrilled to work with our new recruits on some exciting projects, namely an overhaul of our website, creating presence in the graduate careers space and developing the YIPs brand internationally”.

We asked each of our newest Australasian Management Committee members to describe why they think YIPs is beneficial to the industry, and where they hope to contribute in their new roles.

Alex White (Technology Officer) – Hostsure Underwriting, QLD

YIPs unify the new generation that are entering this great industry and provides them with the opportunity to connect with the industry’s established professionals.  This committee helps create a platform for the new generation to pave a future for themselves and establish themselves within the field. Being the IT officer allows me to bring new and exciting networking elements whereby young individuals (and those young at heart) can explore new career options and help bring together the different groups within the industry.

Chris Smith (Communications & Social Media Officer) – Cunningham Lindsay, QLD

The insurance industry is expansive in scope and includes a vast number of disciplines. From my experience, these are under-represented and young professionals often miss out on exciting insurance-based career paths through a lack of promotion by its existing fraternities. YIPs is a perfect platform in which to open up to young professionals and help them explore what the industry can offer: professionally, academically and socially.

Jackson McDonald (PR & External Media Officer) – GSA Insurance Brokers, NSW

The insurance industry has such a magnetic young professional culture, the innovation and hunger that young generations bring is truly exciting. YIPs fosters that potential and encourages the success of its members through leading education and networking facilitations. My goal is to demonstrate to post-grads and other professionals outside the industry that a career in insurance can be terrifically rewarding.

Kasun Jayarante (Communications & Social Media Officer) – AON, NSW

The insurance industry is not traditionally seen as a natural pathway for many young people.  However, professionals in the industry frequently comment on how both professionally and personally rewarding their career has been and YIPs community provides a great way to build a collegiate culture between young people in the industry.  I look forward to fostering further engagement between the YIPs and the industry to promote insurance as a vibrant career path for talented young professionals.

Maddie Zali (Events & Engagement Officer) – Brooklyn Underwriting, NSW

Just like a multitude of my Insurance Industry counterparts the (excessively used) statement ‘I fell into Insurance’ applies to me perfectly. However what I noticed in the last few years is that similar to myself there is a plethora of University graduates every year that ‘discover’ the Insurance Industry during their quest for a career in an Industry they deem to be more desirable. My goal for getting involved with young professionals via the well-established platform created by YIPs is to work towards changing the mindset of future young professionals. I would like for the future generation in this Industry to move away from thinking Insurance is just a means to an end or a fallback career and instead actively want to work in the Industry because of how diverse, rewarding and exciting it is!

Sylvia Quang (Communications & Social Media Officer) – HWL Ebsworth Lawyers, NSW

There is always a variety of roles available in the insurance industry and it is constantly evolving. However despite its diversity, the insurance community continually maintains an open collegiate environment which supports career development, business networking and up to date education. YIPs provides access to experience and know-how from a group of like-minded young professionals which can be instrumental to personal and professional growth.  My aim is to facilitate easier and faster engagement between YIPs and its members to ensure we are keeping up with our members' needs and continuing to grow as a young professionals' industry body.