A Career In Insurance

The modern concept of insurance has, for hundreds of years, underpinned the growth and progress of commerce, sciences and technologies worldwide. By allowing entrepreneurs and industries to transfer the risks of their business activities to other parties, they were free to pursue exciting initiatives and push the boundaries in their respective fields. Insurance is a fundamental safety net in almost every aspect of our lives.

It’s perhaps surprising then, that most of us wouldn’t have considered a career in insurance while growing up, or finishing our studies at school and university.

This is unfortunate, because…

Insurance is:

  • Global

The insurance industry is global and interconnected. With numerous insurance companies operating offices internationally, and clients being based all over the world, insurance professionals have excellent opportunities to travel for work, or even be posted abroad if they wish.

  • Financially Rewarding

As part of a $180bn a year industry (the 2nd biggest in Australia)1 that underpins all businesses and enterprise in functioning economies, you can expect to be duly compensated for your role, with excellent salaries as standard, and the opportunity to earn fantastic financial rewards.

  • For Everyone

With roles for insurance brokers, underwriters, loss adjusters, accountants, analysts, lawyers, recruiters, marketers and more; the insurance industry has a job for everyone, whatever your background, strengths or preferences.

  • Fun!

86.7% of insurance professionals under the age of 35 would recommend joining the industry2. As a business that is built on relationships and trust, few industries offer the social and personal development opportunities that insurance does!