Working Overseas

working overseas

Insurance is a global industry and therefore offers global opportunities for work.  The London market and Lloyd's in particular, holds a certain allure as the arguable epicenter of the modern global insurance market.  There are also booming markets and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region too.

As the 'Overseas Experience' (or 'OE') has always been a rite of passage for many young Aussies and Kiwis and we love to travel generally, if you are considering working and travelling overseas it is worth doing so in a way which progresses your insurance career, rather than just pulling pints in a pub, delivering leaflets or cleaning toilets.

In the current times of uncertainty in the global economy though, it is also worth going in with your eyes open since reality may not necessarily stack up to the romantic notions of working life in The City.  Plus the reality is, we are located squarely in the Asia-Pacific region where the insurance industry is rapidly growing.  And in some cases, becoming the base of operations in this part of the world for European insurers.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to get your foot in the door is to transfer with your current company if they have an oversea operation or relationships. This is because your existing employer will already know how brilliant you are and is more likely to invest in you with a longer term career path (especially if you come back to them with a lot of relevant new skills).

Note that this information is generic only and you will need to do your own independent research into visa requirements for your personal circumstances.