About YIPs

What We Do

Young Insurance Professionals (YIPs) Australia & New Zealand Inc. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to attracting and retaining young and talented professionals in the insurance industry, providing a platform for them to develop their business relationships through regular educational and networking events.

YIPs’ mission is to demonstrate that insurance can be a rewarding and stimulating lifetime career, rather than one that people simply ‘fall into’. With the help of our generous sponsors and supporters, we aim to benefit our industry by promoting attraction and retention of new talent, and ensuring that they share our passion for the continued growth and prosperity of the Australasian market.

Where We Operate

As of January 2017, YIPs operates across 11 branches in all States and Territories of Australia, as well as Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand. The organization currently has over 8,000 diverse and talented members, from a broad cross-section of insurance industry roles.

YIPs is currently in the process of building connections with similar young insurance professional organisations in the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore, to seek opportunities for international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Who Are Our Members?

Our members are generally in their 20s and 30s but often older too, as many people increasingly join insurance later in their careers.  Most importantly, our members are outgoing, dedicated to their career progression and keen to develop effective professional and personal relationships.

How Far We Have Come

YIPs was founded in 2011 in Melbourne. A dedicated following quickly grew, with branches set up in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia by 2012; Auckland, New Zealand and the Northern Territories in 2013; South Australia in 2014; and Christchurch, New Zealand in 2016. Most recently, a branch has been opened in both the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania respectively, completing YIPs’ total coverage of branches throughout Australian States and Territories.