Who are our Members?

Membership is free and open to all those working in the insurance industry, in any related role, including:

  • Underwriters
  • Brokers
  • Claims personnel
  • Risk managers
  • Loss adjusters
  • Insurance lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Other service providers

YIPs has a carefully-drafted Constitution, and the organisation's objectives recorded there are to create and foster an inclusive, dynamic community and network of insurance professionals for:

  • Those new to the insurance industry;
  • Those establishing themselves in the insurance industry;
  • Potential entrants into the insurance industry; and
  • Those that want to reinvest in the future of the industry.

By registering as a non-Financial member of YIPs and then continuing to use this website, you agree to be bound by and subject to the website's Terms & Conditions, and the YIPs Constitution, a copy of which can be provided to any member or potential member upon request, in writing, to info@yips.org.au.

The protection of the personal information and privacy of YIPS members is paramount to us.  We will not provide your personal information to third parties, other than non-identifying demographic information or information we are required to disclose by law.

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