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Designed for young professionals

The annual YIPs & Barry Nilsson Next Gen Insurance Leader Award recognises innovative thinking, leadership potential and business acumen, and encourages and supports the career development of young insurance professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Check out this years topics. We can’t wait to hear from you!

2023 Award Finalists Announced!

Congratualtions to our three finalists:

Beau Murphy - Assistant Underwriter at Arch Insurance Australia,
Isaac Proctor - Solicitor at Hesketh Henry, and
Rachel Hardy - Claims Specialist - Casualty at AXA XL.

Stay tuned for our winner announcement, November 30th!

Past winners

2023 Essay topics

Part A: Essay Question

(Select one topic, 1,500 words) – 70% weighting

  • Greenwashing: Examine specific cases where businesses were accused of greenwashing their ESG initiatives. What lessons can the insurance industry learn from these instances?
  • The Silent Threat: Psychosocial hazards can have profound effects on individuals and workplaces. In light of the Workplace Health and Safety reforms across Australia to include regulations on psychosocial hazards, how can insurers cater to these intangible risks?
  • Deepfake Technology: With the emergence of deepfake and other AI technology, how can the insurance industry help protect individuals and businesses from potential defamation and misrepresentation risks?
  • Cancel Culture: In a time where social media can amplify messages to a mass audience, is there a pressing need for specialised insurance solutions, and if so, what might they encompass?
  • The Role of Trust in Insurance: “Insurance is the business of promises and trust.” How important is the role of trust in the insurance sector, and how does it impact both insurers and policyholders?
Part B: Thought Leadership
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